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I’ve recently attended another Raindance event at the Cafe Paris in London...’The Independent Filmmakers Ball’. Here I am enjoying myself with the founder, Elliot Grove.

Website Interview

I’ve just done a nice interview for the Art’s website of a New York magazine called VULTURE....a survey of America’s cultural landscape offering 24-hour coverage of film,TV, art and more. Please take a look on

My Art Work

I now have two more of my Pop-Art paintings on exhibition at Jolliffes coffee house in Brighton’s North Lanes.... Michael Jackson and George Michael. They will be there till mid May...unless SOLD of course!

RAINDANCE Film Festival

I’ve recently attended a RAINDANCE Film festival event at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The evening was dedicated to Terry Gilliam, where he was presented with an achievement award for his film making. It was lovely to see him again and have a catch up after the four-year gap since the O2 Arena show. The sunglasses were because of a recent eye Op...but I was told it made me look really COOL ! Prepare for more sunglasses photos!!

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