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2022 Agatha, Mistress of Swords Narrator Martin Gooch Martin Gooch
2019 Alice, Through The Looking The Queen Benjamin Lawrence, 12th BATTALION PRODS LTD Adam Donen
2016 The Rizen II
The Ancient One
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Losteye Films Ltd Matt Mitchell
2014 Laundered (Short) Launderette Attendant Hand Washed Films Nick Carn & Shannon Ward
2014 Passing Catherine MasterMedia Prods. Philippa Howson
2013 Search for Simon Irene Jones
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Gothic Manor Si-Fi Martin Gooch
2013 The Sweeter Side of Life Edna
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Cupcake Prods. Michael Damian
2012 A Liar's Autobiography*
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Masseuse / Singing Telegram / Stewardess Liar's Film's Ltd. Jeff Simpson
2007 Too Much Too Young June Mark Herrbert Trevor Steven Smith
2007 Foreign Exchange Girl   Roy Ward Baker
2005 The Golf Widow Myself   Mark Brailsford
1995 Annie: A Royal Adventure! (aka Mr Daddy)* Miss Hannigan Raster Productions Ian Toynton
1986 Every Home Should have One* Suzy   Jim Clark
1986 Half Moon Street American Wife Geoffrey Reeve Bob Swaim
1983 Funny Money* Delphine Norfolk International James Kenelm Clarke
1983 Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life* Wife in Restaurant / Heaven Receptionist / Beefeater Waitress
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Universal Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam
1979 Monty Python's Life of Brian* Mrs. Gregory, Sandal Follower Handmade Films Terry Jones
1977 The Brute* Diane's Agent   Gerry O'Hara
1976 The Brutal Syndrome Girl in Office Trigon Productions  
1975 The Return of the Pink Panther* Swimming Pool Diver Blake Edwards Blake Edwards
1975 Vampira (aka Old Dracula)* Jane, Delinquent's Victim Jack Wiener Clive Donnor
1975 Monty Python & The Holy Grail* Zoot, Dingo Mark Forrester / Michael White Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
1974 All I Want Is You...and You...and You Eli Hartford Globebest Films Bob Kellet
1971 And Now For Something Completely Different* Deidre Putey, Milkman Seductress, Wife in Restaurant Patricia Casey / Kettledrum Ian MacNaughton
1969 Moon Zero Two* Air Hostess Michael Careras Roy Ward Baker
1969 The Adding Machine* Judy O'Grady Jerome Epstein Jerome Epstein
1969 If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium* Airport Check-in Lady Stan Margulies Mel Stuart
1968 The Bliss of Mrs. Blossom* Lingerie Model Josef Shaftel Joseph McGarth
1968 Salt and Pepper Club Hostess Milton Ebbins Richard Donnor
1967 Mr. Ten Percent Hat Check Girl W A Whittaker Peter Graham Scott
1967 The Countess From Hong Kong* Nurse Jerome Epstein Charlie Chaplin
1967 Some May Live Girl   Vernon Sewell
1965 A Penny For Your Thoughts (Short) Phyl Donovan Winter Donovan Winter
1965 The Pleasure Girls Ella
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Michael Klinger Gerry O’Hara
1964 The Americanisation of Emily* Army Driver Martin Ramsohoff United Artists / MGM Arthur Hiller
1963 The Cracksman Actress W A Whittaker Peter Graham Scott
1963 Strictly for the Birds Sandra E M Smedley-Aston Vernon Sewell


2013 Toast Of London 'The End' Channel 4 Brook Hooberman Michael Cumming
2012 Comedy Connections BBC2 Myself  
2010 The Alan Titchmarsh Show ITV Myself  
2009 Monty Python Almost the Truth - The Lawyers Cut TV mini series, 5 episodes Myself Bill Jones, Alan Parker, Ben Timlett
2009 'AcquaLilia' commercial Italy Maria  
2009 Pimm's commercial ITV Orange  
2008 Documentary: Movie Connections BBC Myself Pauline Law
2007 Documentary: What the Pythons Did Next Myself Jon Riley
2007 Comedy Map of Britain: BBC Myself as Presenter Matt O'Casey
2006 Documentary: Girls on Film ITV Myself John Moulson
2006 Documentary: The Story of Light Entertainment 'The Comics' BBC Myself Mark Turnbull
2005 The Last Laugh BBC Myself  
2003 Theatre of Dreams ITV Myself  
2002 Time Shift 'Straight Men' BBC Featured Merrin Threadgould
2002 Monty Python Tribute BBC Myself Terry Jones
1999 Collectors Lot 'Comedy Special' Channel 4 Myself Sarah Green
1999 Thirty Years of Monty Python Myself
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Lloyd Stanton
1995 Fist of Fun, 'Life and Times of Captain Oates' BBC Mrs. Neal Guy Freeman
1987 The Bourne Identity (U.S. Mini series) Cameo Robert Young
1986 Only Fools and Horses: 'Miracle at Peckham' BBC TV News Reporter Mandie Fletcher
1986 Hilary BBC Marti's School Chum Ray Butt
1985 Are You Being Served?: 'Friends and Neighbours' BBC Shopper Martin Shadlow
1984 Kelly Monteith Show BBC Featured Jeff Posner
1984 The Lenny Henry Show BBC Various Jeff Posner
1983 Three of a Kind (Pilot) MTM Productions Buffy Herbert Wise
1983 The Mike Yarwood Show ITV Featured  
1976 Oneupmanship (6 episodes) BBC Various leading roles Ray Butt
1976 Doctor in Charge ITV Nurse Dobbs - leading role David Askey
1969 -
Monty Python's Flying Circus (All four series) Various leading roles Ian McNaughton
1974 Spike Milligan Christmas Special: 'The Last Turkey in the Shop Window' BBC Dick Whittington Ray Butt
1973 The Two Ronnies BBC Featured Terry Hughes
1973 Now Look Here (with Ronnie Corbett) BBC Nina Bill Hitchcock
1973 Crime Of Passion, 'Chantal' ITV Suzy - lead role Shaun O'Riordan
1972 The Lotus Eaters (5 episodes) Leigh Mervish - lead role David Cunliffe
1971 Shirley's World 'The Berkley Club Caper' Prostitute Ralph Levy
1971 Randell and Hopkirk: 'For the Girl Who Has Everything' ITV Laura Slade Cyril Frankel
1971 The Persuaders: 'Element of Risk' ITV Girl at Airport Gerald Meyer
1971 The Leslie Crowther Show BBC Featured  
1971 The Liver Birds BBC Fiancée Ray Butt
1971 Roy Hudd Show BBC Featured John Paddy Carstairs
1969 Father, Dear Father 'We Can't Afford a Carriage' ITV Bunny Mother William G. Stewart
1969 Hark at Barker BBC Featured Maurice Murphy
1968 Land Of Hope and Gloria : 'The Authentic Taste of England' ITV Loraine Hooper Peter Frazer-Jones
1968 The Egg on the Face of the Tiger ATV Waitress, star role John Nelson-Burton
1968 Journey into the Unknown: 'Do Me a Favour and Kill Me' ITV* Lisa - lead role Gerry O'Hara
1968 Play of the Month 'Lee Oswald Assassin' ITV Barbara Davies Rudolph Cartier
1967 Play of the Week: 'Design for Living' BBC Helen Carver
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Joan Kemp-Welch
1967 About Face: 'Tourist Attraction' ITV Mrs. Rogers John Henderson
1967 The Ambassadors (BBC2 Play) Lead Role
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James Cellan-Jones
1966 13b Adam and Eve Mews (pilot) Lead Role Paul Davis
1966 Play of the Week: 'The Other Man' ITV Celia Gordon Flemying
1966 The Avengers: 'A Touch of Brimstone' ITV Sara Bradley - lead
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James Hill
1966 Man in a Suitcase: 'The Sitting Pigeon' ITV Miss Dinsdale - lead Gerry O’Hara
1965 The Saint: 'The Crime of the Century' ITV Gloria Mancini
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John Gilling
1965 The Man in Room 17: 'A Minor Operation' Magra - lead Peter Plummer
1964 Play of the Week: 'A Really Hot Jazz Piano' ITV Katie Peter Sasdy
1964 The Saint: 'The Sporting Chance' ITV Marion Kent - lead role Jeremy Summars
1963 The Sentimental Agent: 'May the Saints Preserve Us' ITV Shelah Connery - lead role Charles Frend
1963 Play of the Week: 'The Touch of a Dead Hand' ITV Marion Cyril Coke
1961 Dixon of Dock Green 'A Quiet Ordinary Woman' BBC Sandra Douglas Moodie
1960 No Hiding Place 'The Things Money Can Buy' ITV Samantha Kay James Ormerod


2019 SHOW WHITE The Magic Mirror LP Creatives Prods Tom Beard Ropetackle Arts Centre
2016 It's Bound to be Alright on the Night Guest Singer Chris Jessop & Tom Kohler Coady Green St Andrew's Church, Brighton
2015 PomPoms Up! Myself Myself Myself The Loft, Shoreham
2014 Sleeping Beauty (Panto) Queen Maleficent LP Creative Productions Tom Beard Ropetackle, Shoreham
2014 Monty Python Live (Mostly) Supporting Roles Phil McIntyre Eric Idle O2 Arena, London
2013 Music of the Night Presenter Chris Jessop & Tom Kohler Coady Green St Andrew's Church, Brighton
2013 War Baby Myself / Mother Myself Myself The Loft, Shoreham
2010 Guess Who Guest Performer The Mayday's Ltd   The Komedia, Brighton
2010 The Treason Show - Ten Year Best Of Singer Mark Brailsford Mark Brailsford Theatre Royal, Brighton
2009 Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy!) Sheep Lady / Mexican Dancer / Best Girlie Geoff Foulkes Aubrey Powell Royal Albert Hall, London
2008 The Treason Show (Satirical) Various Treason Show Productions Mark Brailsford Admiralspalast, Berlin
2007 Edinburgh Festival: 'Best Western' Del Off the Kerb Productions Rich Hall Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh
2007 Brighton Festival 'War Baby' Myself / Mother Myself Myself Belgrave Hotel, Brighton
2007 Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks Lily (Understudy) Haymarket Productions Arthur Seidelman Haymarket Theatre, London
2007 Guys and Dolls (Musical) Director Newlands Myself Newlands School, Brighton
2005 Llangollen Festival 'War Baby' Myself / Mother Myself Myself Town Hall, Llangollen
2005 Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench Anna Marty Schiff Jeff Monaghan State Theatre Centre,
Uniontown, PA. USA
2004 The Treason Show Guest Performer Mark Brailsford Mark Brailsford The Komedia, Brighton
2003 Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench Anna
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Brian Hewitt-Jones Chris Colby Lincoln Theatre Royal and National Tour
2003 Wizard of Oz (Panto) Wicked Witch of the West Hiss and Boo Co. Gareth Machin The Hall for Cornwall, Truro
2002 Front Page Mrs. Schlosser Chichester Festival Co. Douglas Wager Chichester Festival Theatre
2002 Concert for George (Harrison) Tribute Best Girlie Ray Cooper David Leland Royal Albert Hall, London
2002 Voices from September 11th Reading of letters   Murry Woodfield Old Vic Theatre, London
2002 Jack and the Beanstalk (Panto) Queen/Cook Millfield Theatre Bonnie Lythgoe The Millfield Theatre, Edmonton
2002 Cinderella (Panto) Fairy Godmother Chris Moreno Chris Moreno Theatre Royal, Lincoln
2000 Annie (Musical) Miss Hannigan Quaynote Productions Graham Fawcett The Hall for Cornwall, Truro
2000 Cinderella (Panto) Fairy Godmother Pantomime FX Ltd Graham Fawcett The Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells
1998 The Wizard of Oz (Panto) Wicked Witch of the West One From the Heart Knight Mantell Horsham Arts Centre, Horsham
1998 Peter Pan (Panto) Mrs Darling, Mermaid AMG Ltd Graham Watkins The Grand Theatre, Swansea
1997 Murder Mistaken Freda
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The Mill Sally Hughes Mill at Sonning, Reading
1996 Aladdin (Panto) Abanazara Millfield Theatre Bonnie Lythgoe Millfield Theatre, Edmonton
1995 Beauty & The Beast (Panto) Witch Hazel Millfield Theatre Bonnie Lythgoe Millfield Theatre, Edmonton
1994 Pom Poms Up! (Revue) Brighton Festival Myself Myself Jonathan Kiley Royal Pavilion, Brighton
1994 The Treason Show Myself Komedia Productions Mark Brailsford Komedia, Brighton
1994 Friends of Dorothy Myself John Nathan Turner John Nathan Turner The Dome, Brighton
1993 Song of a Bluefoot Man Sarah Good Co. Sue Pomeroy Regional Tour
1992 A Sting in the Tale Ann Forbes Gallery Productions Jack Douglas National Tour
1992 A Sting in the Tail Ann Forbes Mill at Sonning Sally Hughes The Mill at Sonning, Reading
1992 Two and Two Make Sex Ruth
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Derek Nimmo Nicholas Parsons Far East and Middle East Tour
1990 The Pepys Show Lady Castlemaine Good Co. Sue Pomeroy City of London Festival
1989 Death of a Salesman The Woman Redgrave Theatre Richard Frost Redgrave Theatre, Farnham
1988 The Glass Menagerie Amanda
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Redgrave Theatre Graham Watkins Redgrave Theatre, Farnham
1988 A Touch of Danger Harriet Bill Kenwright Mark Piper National Tour
1987 Funny Peculiar Shirley Belgrade Productions Anthony Tuckey Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
1986 Guilty Conscience Louise
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Bill Kenwright Mark Piper National tour
1986 Comic Relief Court Stenographer Jeff Posner Roger Graef Shaftesbury Theatre, London
1986 Nightcap Best Friend Mark Furness Val May National Tour
1985 Way Upstream June Oxford Playhouse Peter Farago National Tour
1984 Passion Play Alter Ego Library Theatre Roger Haines Library Theatre, Manchester
1983 Cinderella (Panto) Prince Charming Trends Management Dougie Squires Theatre Royal, Brighton
1983 Born in the Gardens Queenie
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David Kirk David Kirk National Tour
1983 Lunch Hour Nora Windsor Theatre Company Hugh Goldie Theatre Royal, Windsor
1981 Not Now Darling Wife Paul Elliot Ray Cooney National Tour
1981 What are You Doing Tonight Wife Windsor Theatre Company Joan Riley Theatre Royal, Windsor
1980 Killer on the Dance Floor Hetero Phoenix Ian Giles Phoenix Theatre, Leicester
1980 Dirty Linen Miss Go-To-Bed Kenwright Ed Berman National Tour
1980 Midsummer Night's Dream Helena Churchill Theatre Ian Watt-Smith Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1980 Bedroom Farce Susannah Haymarket Michael Meacham Haymarket Theatre, Leicester
1980 Monty Python Live* Supporting Roles Terry Hughes Ian MacNaughton & Terry Hughes Hollywood Bowl, California
1979 The Sign in Sidney Brunstein's Window Iris Traverse Theatre Frank Neilson Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
1979 The Odd Couple Gwendolyn Churchill Phil Partridge Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1979 Dutchman Lula Churchill Philip Grout Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1979 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Sister Mae
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Churchill Philip Grout Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1979 Aladdin (Panto) Slave of the Ring Churchill Philip Partridge Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1979 Fearless Frank Various leads Kings Head Productions Robert Gillespie Kings Head, London
1979 Wren, Pepys and Charlie Nell David Adams David Adams Mayfair Hotel, London
1978 Player Piano     Peter Southcott Almost Free Theatre, London
1978 Dial 'M' for 'Murder' Margot Belgrade Guan Smith Belgrade Thatre, Coventry
1977 Travesties Gwendoline
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Belgrade Ed Thompson Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
1977 Mother Goose (Panto) Good Fairy Belgrade Ed Thompson Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
1977 Suicide in B Flat Paulette Wakefield Tricycle Co. Kenneth Clubb Open Space, London
1977 The Philanthropist Araminta Belgrade Jon Tarlton Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
1977 The Chiltern Hundreds June Paul Elliot Mike Ocrent National Tour
1977 Funny Peculiar Shirley     Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
1976 Monty Python Live Supporting Roles Terry Hughes Terry Hughes City Center, New York
1976 A Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick Court Stenographer Jonathan Miller Martin Lewis Her Majesty's Theatre, London
1976 Pleasure at Her Majesty's Python sketch Martin Lewis Jonathan Miller Her Majesty's Theatre, London
1976 Come Blow Your Horn Connie Windsor Theatre Co. Joan Riley Theatre Royal, Windsor
1975 Lenny Rusty
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H M Tennent Jonathan Yates Criterion Theatre, London
1974 Kennedy's Children Carla
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Triumph Productions Clive Donner European Tour
1973 Monty Python Live Supporting Roles Tony Smith   Tour of Canada
1973 Monty Python First Farewell Tour Supporting Roles Tony Smith & Harvey Goldstone   Tour of the UK
1973 Boeing-Boeing Gloria Windsor Theatre Company Joan Riley Theatre Royal, Wndsor
1973 Dick Whittington Dick Charles Vance Peter Cook Malvern Festival Theatre
1972 Miss Julie Cook London Theatre Group Stephen Berkoff National Tour
1969 Anything for Baby Gangster's Moll James Verner Patrick Cargill National Tour
1965 Nymphs and Satires (Revue) Dancing & Singing Nymph Leon Gluckman Leon Gluckman Apollo Theatre, London
1964 Photo Finish   Theatre Royal Productions Alan Vaughan-Williams Theatre Royal, London


2019 The Comedy Club myself BBC Radio4 Extra Stuart Ross Radio
2015 Strangers in Space Dr Wren Clare Eden Trev and Simon Web Podcast
2014 Clarinet Recital (voice over) Margaret Watkins Barnaby Robson Barnaby Robson Royal College of Music
2014 The Comedians Comedian Myself   Sean Doherty Web Podcast
2014 Something Cool, Episode 3 Myself Rachel Lichtman & Sarah Thyre   Audio Documentary series
2013 War Baby Myself / Mother Resonance Radio Dimitry Devdariani Radio
2012 Brighton Bus Tours Queen Victoria / American Tourist Brighton & Hove Bus Company Marc Sinclaire Bus Tour Voice-over
1999 Long Live the Dead Parrot Presenter     BBC Radio
1963 'The Way we Were' Saturday Night Theatre Mary   Cedric Messina BBC Radio 4

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